Amazing creatures of the seas and oceans

Fish farming at home — a serious business
Men love fishing, eagerly they're waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial…

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The catching of predatory fish: perch
The most part of fishermen prefer to hunt for prey fish, as it is quite tricky and dangerous opponent. This fish is the walleye, which is similar to the perch.…

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Fish farming at home — a serious business
Men love fishing, eagerly they're waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial…

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Top 10 most dangerous animals of Ukraine and Crimea

Weeverfish. Considered the most dangerous fish in the Black sea. Injections beware of its poisonous spines on the Gill covers and dorsal fin. The poison is not fatal, but the feeling is like you have been bitten by several bees. Pain can last for several months.

Despite the fact that the forests of Ukraine and Crimea are not infested with crocodiles and piranhas, as, for example, in the Amazon forest, it is also possible to meet not less dangerous animals and insects

We offer You the top ten most dangerous predators, insects and reptiles, which easily can kill a person.

Most of them live in the woods (or at sea) and only some of them You can meet in the city.

Bear. Quiet lives in the remote forests. It is the largest carnivore in Ukraine. Found in the Carpathians and in the North of Chernihiv oblast and Sumska oblast. In 2005 there were about 200 animals. Continue reading

Sandwich amphiprion (this edition akallopisos)

Sandwich amphiprion is a small representative of the subfamily clown fish, opened in 1853 Bleeker scientist. Inhabits the coral reefs of the Western and Eastern Indian ocean, namely along the coast of Africa from Mozambique to Madagascar, the Comoros and Seychelles, as well as in the Andaman sea, and the waters of the southwest coast of Thailand, and Sumatra. Not found in the Central Indian ocean, in waters near Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Below the depth of 15 meters, this fish is not found, the prerequisite is a strong enough water circulation.. As a home and shelter advocates, like the other clown fishes, anemone. Basically sandwich amphiprion found in the poisonous tentacles of the two major species of sea anemones is a luxurious and large carpet anemones.Amphiprion hiding in the tentacles of sea anemones Continue reading

Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium

Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium: (1) Forage (2) NH 3 . (3) NO 2 . (4) NO 3 . (5) H 2 O. (6) Lighting, (7) Fertilizer (8) O 2 . (9) CO 2

Aquarium (lat. aquarium ) — transparent container for permanent keeping of aquatic organisms.

It typically refers to a home aquarium (room) aquarium for keeping fish aquarium in home; for technical reasons, the maximum volume of such a tank is usually less than one cubic meter. Public aquariums . intended for demonstration to the audience of aquatic flora and fauna existing in the structure of zoos or as separate spectacular educational institution, can be up to 7500 m3 in volume.

To maintain the biological balance in the aquarium used a variety of tools: aerators, mechanical and biological filters. thermostats. thermometers and much more. Description simulation of the ecosystem in an enclosed artificial pond and various aspects of breeding fish deals aquarium. Continue reading

Fishing for predatory fish

Walleye is a fish that belongs to the family percidae. The weight of this large predator in good conditions can reach 20 pounds. And at length it can grow up to 125 centimeters. But such specimens in the Moscow region’s reservoirs are rarely caught. Perhaps walleye weighing over 10 pounds can be caught only where it is specially bred, and fishing is possible only for a fee.

It should be noted that a Zander weighing more than five pounds is for the angler with a good catch. It is quite an aggressive predator. At a young age he eats planktonic crustaceans, but reaching lengths of 20-30 mm, begins to hunt for fish, he also eats eggs.

Larger perch fed in most cases by fish (he eats bleak, Eltsov, minnows). However, this voracious predator may pounce on a large earthworm, and not refuse to eat river shrimp. As for bait for fishing, it all depends on the time of year. For example, in spring you can use practically any bait, because the predator is starved over the winter, and in summer and autumn it is best to use live bait. Continue reading


Sharks are one of the most formidable inhabitants of the ocean. The lack of bone tissue and Gill covers, especially the structure of scales, and many other features of the structure speak of their ancient origin, as confirmed by paleontological data the age of the first fossil remains of sharks is determined approximately 350 million years. Despite the primitiveness of the organization, shark — one of the most perfect predatory fish of the ocean.

Over a long period of existence they managed to adapt perfectly to life in the water column and now successfully compete with bony fish and marine mammals. Unlike bony fish sharks and rays don’t spawn and lay their large, covered with a Horny shell eggs or give birth to live young.

The highest values reach whale (up to 20 meters) and the so-called giant shark (up to 15 meters). Both these and others, like baleen whales, they feed on planktonic organisms. Wide and gaping jaws, these sharks move slowly in the midst of clusters of plankton and filter the water through Gill openings covered by a network of special outgrowths of surrounding tissue. Giant shark profiltruyte an hour to one and a half thousand cubic meters of water and remove all organisms larger than 1-2 millimeters. Continue reading

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