Amazing creatures of the seas and oceans

Fish farming at home — a serious business
Men love fishing, eagerly they're waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial…

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Feeding aquarium fish: Types of feed
To a large extent the proper development and health of aquarium fish depends on what they are fed. Fish food should be rich in protein, which ensures the growth of…

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Black tuna (Thunnus atlanticus)
Black tuna is a small predatory fish in the scombridae family. Has the smallest size among all species of tuna: a maximum of 100 cm in length (average 50 cm)…

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The basking SHARK (Cetorhinus maximus)

There is evidence that specimens of up to 15 metres in length, however, evidence of the existence of such giants among scientists yet. At the same time, instances caught a giant shark, whose length would not exceed three meters, very rarely come across.
The habitat of this fish are warm-temperate waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The body shape of a giant shark similar to a cigar, and the color of her skin varies from dark grey to black, occasionally there are instances of brown. The belly is colored slightly lighter than back and sides. The snout of these fish are made far in advance, and in young individuals even forms something like a short trunk. This fact misled the first researchers who distinguished two subspecies of giant sharks. However, later it was found that with age, the trunk disappears. Continue reading

Popular marine fish

The Internet portal “Trophy” was created as a source of the most relevant and useful information for those who consider fishing a passion of his life. We strive to unite fishermen, athletes and fans who live throughout our country and far beyond its borders. Our goal is to equip fishermen with all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that the trip not only interesting but also useful.

In the “Fishing” presents material that will interest both beginners and more experienced anglers:

popular articles and information from the encyclopedia about all the individual fish of the world and the region: habitat and seasonal preferences and behaviour;

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Monkfish in the aquarium

Many public aquariums in the world, including in our country contain these unusual vivid exotic fish. The angler (Antennarius maculatus) or yellow angler, monkfish, or fish-the pedestrian is more like a piece of coral than a fish. And it is not cheap — from 100 to 180$ depending on size, although they are available and for keeping privately, subject to appropriate specialized conditions.

Although the sea devils and appreciated for its unique appearance and stamina, but these fish are not easy to maintain for a number of reasons, therefore not recommended for beginner aquarists. Try to begin to engage in breeding angelfish, and among them there are so many interesting varieties. But in captivity monkfish often refuses to eat or on the contrary become very fat because of her insatiable appetite when it perecherkivaet. Monkfish in the aquarium usually contain alone, since it is able to eat all of even twice its size, including their kin, and even a potential partner. Continue reading

The denizens of the deep. Octopus

Since ancient times the world goes a lot of scary stories about a giant octopus, or octopus, which is not only dangerous to humans, but can even sink the whole ship! Actually is a charming, intelligent animals with developed intelligence and exceptional parental instinct. It owes its name to numerous

tentacles. In some species there are more than ten. Octopus or octopus (Octopus vulgaris) belongs to the class Cephalopoda and is a highly developed mollusk. Has oblong-rounded body without fins. Eight tentacles of an octopus is very flexible and agile, function as “hands”. “Hands” are connected by a thin membrane and provided with suction cups in two rows. The body length of the octopus with the “hands” from a few cm

up to 6 m. the largest specimens of octopus found off the coast of British Columbia. In the West of Canada was discovered octopus weighing 272 kg, and the length of the arms was 9.6 m! Continue reading

Dietary baked fish with vegetables in foil

If you decided to arrange a fish day, try to treat yourself to this tasty and useful dish. It is suitable for fish diets. as calories in baked fish with vegetables is very small. The fish is lean, and it will stew in its own juice. In General, this is exactly what you need for weight loss.

For cooking we will need any large fresh fish or frozen mackerel, plus some of your favorite vegetables (to taste), spices and food foil. You can also add lemon, but I did without it, because the lemon just was not there.

Carefully remove the head and gut and wash the fish, cut it into large portions. The carcass can season with a little salt (if diet allows) and pepper to taste inside and out. I used spices for meat, you can take and fish.

Onions, carrots and any other vegetables and the lemon (if you decide to do with it) to cut circles. Continue reading

The hammerhead shark
Among all the sea creatures that attack people the most terrible is the shark. Bloodthirsty, cunning and lightning — she was feared by people at all times. The most dangerous…


Black tuna (Thunnus atlanticus)
Black tuna is a small predatory fish in the scombridae family. Has the smallest size among all species of tuna: a maximum of 100 cm in length (average 50 cm)…