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Fishing for predatory fish

Walleye is a fish that belongs to the family percidae. The weight of this large predator in good conditions can reach 20 pounds. And at length it can grow up to 125 centimeters. But such specimens in the Moscow region’s reservoirs are rarely caught. Perhaps walleye weighing over 10 pounds can be caught only where it is specially bred, and fishing is possible only for a fee.

It should be noted that a Zander weighing more than five pounds is for the angler with a good catch. It is quite an aggressive predator. At a young age he eats planktonic crustaceans, but reaching lengths of 20-30 mm, begins to hunt for fish, he also eats eggs.

Larger perch fed in most cases by fish (he eats bleak, Eltsov, minnows). However, this voracious predator may pounce on a large earthworm, and not refuse to eat river shrimp. As for bait for fishing, it all depends on the time of year. For example, in spring you can use practically any bait, because the predator is starved over the winter, and in summer and autumn it is best to use live bait.

An important condition of life of perch in the pond is clean water. In places where there is no running water, he survives. Pollution of water by silt, waste products of aquatic creatures, or industrial waste may cause the departure of perch from the reservoir. If you go nowhere,he dies.

Walleye are caught on metarossa areas of water with a pebbly or sandy bottom at a depth of three meters. A good catch can bring in the fishing areas of reservoirs with steep and uneven bottom.

In the spring the walleye goes hunting for fry and goes out of their pits. During the spring Jora predator always hungry. But it does not guarantee a good catch, because for successful fishing it is necessary to detect its habitat. He hunts before sunrise and in the evening. While hunting for fry, he loses alertness and can go in shallow water.

With the early thaw the ice fall trickles of melt water, this is the time walleye bite is improving. It fits closer to the coast and to places where there is running water to wash off the slime that had accumulated on his body over the winter.

During spring floods the pike grabs the prey, demolished over the depth of the reservoir. Then this predator is easy to catch in the mouth of the river, if the depth at the mouth at least three meters, and the bottom with no silt and algae.

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