Macropinna microstoma
Macropinna microstoma – a medium-sized deep-sea fish known for its transparent head through which she sees the eyes that are located within soft tissues of the head. Inhabits the cool…

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Sandwich amphiprion (this edition akallopisos)
Sandwich amphiprion is a small representative of the subfamily clown fish, opened in 1853 Bleeker scientist. Inhabits the coral reefs of the Western and Eastern Indian ocean, namely along the…

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Choose aquarium fish
As a rule, the aquarium contains several species. Therefore, in the first place, choosing fish for the aquarium aquariums it is necessary to consider the conditions of feeding and the…

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Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium

Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium: (1) Forage (2) NH 3 . (3) NO 2 . (4) NO 3 . (5) H 2 O. (6) Lighting, (7) Fertilizer (8) O 2 . (9) CO 2

Aquarium (lat. aquarium ) — transparent container for permanent keeping of aquatic organisms.

It typically refers to a home aquarium (room) aquarium for keeping fish aquarium in home; for technical reasons, the maximum volume of such a tank is usually less than one cubic meter. Public aquariums . intended for demonstration to the audience of aquatic flora and fauna existing in the structure of zoos or as separate spectacular educational institution, can be up to 7500 m3 in volume.

To maintain the biological balance in the aquarium used a variety of tools: aerators, mechanical and biological filters. thermostats. thermometers and much more. Description simulation of the ecosystem in an enclosed artificial pond and various aspects of breeding fish deals aquarium.

Distinguish from aquariums terrariums. paludarium and aquaterrariums intended for the maintenance of terrestrial and wetland animals and plants.

Dimensions of aquariums

The size of the aquariums can vary in a wide range: from one to several thousand liters. Different species have different requirements for sizes of aquariums. Clear requirements for the minimum size, but there are a number of recommendations. For example, fish that are able to move very quickly and in nature they live in fast flowing rivers, require aquariums of large dimensions — approximately 10 times greater than the length of the body. Such fishes as stingrays. requires an aquarium with a large surface area of the bottom, fish the most important parameter of the tank can be depth. Some fish, however, very unpretentious — for example, chickens can live in tanks ranging in size from 0.5 liters.

In the aquarium more volume creates more stable and resilient ecosystem, which also owns the ability of self-purification and self-regulation. The smaller volume of water fits in the aquarium, the more noticeable changes in its quality — temperature, chemical composition, oxygen saturation, etc. [2]

Feeding aquarium fish: Types of feed
To a large extent the proper development and health of aquarium fish depends on what they are fed. Fish food should be rich in protein, which ensures the growth of…


Sharks are one of the most formidable inhabitants of the ocean. The lack of bone tissue and Gill covers, especially the structure of scales, and many other features of the…