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Top 10 most dangerous animals of Ukraine and Crimea

Weeverfish. Considered the most dangerous fish in the Black sea. Injections beware of its poisonous spines on the Gill covers and dorsal fin. The poison is not fatal, but the feeling is like you have been bitten by several bees. Pain can last for several months.

Despite the fact that the forests of Ukraine and Crimea are not infested with crocodiles and piranhas, as, for example, in the Amazon forest, it is also possible to meet not less dangerous animals and insects

We offer You the top ten most dangerous predators, insects and reptiles, which easily can kill a person.

Most of them live in the woods (or at sea) and only some of them You can meet in the city.

Bear. Quiet lives in the remote forests. It is the largest carnivore in Ukraine. Found in the Carpathians and in the North of Chernihiv oblast and Sumska oblast. In 2005 there were about 200 animals.

Boar. Often he throws himself to the hunters. Males inflict wounds with their powerful canine teeth, the females knock down and trample on front legs. Dangerous old boar, holding alone — Agency. In Ukraine there are boars in 22 regions, with the exception of Zaporizhzhya, Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. All of them in the country about 2,5 thousand.

Lynx. Never jumps on its prey from a tree. Watching the game in ambush, and then attack big, up to 4 m, jumps. Dating in Ukraine is very rare. Lives in the Carpathian mountains and Polesie. But there were cases of attacks of lynx on mushroom pickers in the Kiev region.

Mite. The bite is not life threatening person. However, ticks can infect many life-threatening diseases: encephalitis, typhus, fever. Distributed throughout the territory of Ukraine and Crimea.

Wolf. Perhaps the most famous predator. In Ukraine the wolf is found in all areas (at least in Crimea), but more often in the forest zone and in the Carpathians. There are about 2.5 thousand

Viper. In Ukraine there are five species of snake dangerous to humans. Most often attack people who gather mushrooms in the forest and those who mows the grass in the field. Distributed throughout the country.

Karakurt. Steppe spider does not attack unless disturbed. The bites of deadly females is 50 times more poisonous than the bite of a tarantula. The most dangerous period is June-July. Have chosen the South of Ukraine. Most often found in the Kherson region, near the Azov sea and in the Odessa region, and also in some regions of the Crimea.

Tarantula. The bite of the “black death” causes a mental disorder which disturbs the heart, difficulty breathing. Meet the tarantula in the Crimea. Its poison is fatal to many animals, to humans — no.

Fox. Does not pose a deadly threat to people, however, need to protect themselves from bites and scratches. For example, can infect a person with rabies.

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