Sharks are one of the most formidable inhabitants of the ocean. The lack of bone tissue and Gill covers, especially the structure of scales, and many other features of the…

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Marine catfish in Egyptian
Everything carefully to mix, put on top of the first cake, making in the center of the hill, because during baking the dough sits. A slice of bread soak in…

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The breeding of carp as a business in the pond and at home
It's just a great option for people that have a pond or pool on the property. Carp is though simple, but at the same time very profitable business. You can…

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Amazing marine life

The Dumbo Octopus. Is the name of this animal has received due whoodini formations protruding from the top of his head which resemble the ears of disney’s Dumbo the elephant.

The short-nosed bat. This fish attracts attention for its unusual appearance, namely bright red lips on the front of the body.

Branched the brittle stars. These deep sea animals have many ramified rays. Moreover, each of the beams can be 4-5 times more than the body to those of brittle stars. With them, the animal catches zooplankton and other food.

Truncorum harlequin. This is one of the most little known species, able if necessary to merge with the bottom or simulate a sprig of seaweed.

Crab-Yeti. In 2005 the expedition, who explored the Pacific ocean, found at a depth of 2400 meters very unusual crabs, which were covered with “fur”. Because of this features (and color) they were called “crabs-Yeti”

Australian kishechnik. This living in the coastal waters of Australian States Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia fish found on the reefs and in the bays. Because of their small fins and hard scales, it swims extremely slowly.

Sponge-Lira. The scientific name of this animal is Chondrocladia lyra. She yavlyaetsyato species of carnivorous deep-sea sponges, and was first discovered off the Californian coast at a depth of 3300-3500 meters in 2012.

Klonowy. Inhabiting almost all tropical and subtropical seas and oceans fish of the family klonopih is one of the fastest predators on the planet. Because they are able to catch prey in less than a second!

Cancer-mantis. Living at shallow depths in tropical and subtropical seas mantis possess the most complex eyes in the world. If a person can distinguish 3 main colors, cancer-mantis – 12.

The Smallmouth macropinna. Living in the depths of the North Pacific ocean macropinna the Smallmouth has a very unusual appearance. Her transparent forehead, through which she could spy out the production of their tubular eyes.

The sea spider.These arthropods actually are spiders that live in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas and in the Arctic and southern oceans.More than 1,300 known species of this class,some of which reach 90 cm in length.

Cyphoma gibbosum. The color of this shell is orange-yellow snail looks very bright. However, this color has only soft tissue of a living mollusc, not the shell. Usually the snail Cyphoma gibbosum reach 25-35 mm in length, but their shell is 44 mm.

Sandwich amphiprion (this edition akallopisos)
Sandwich amphiprion is a small representative of the subfamily clown fish, opened in 1853 Bleeker scientist. Inhabits the coral reefs of the Western and Eastern Indian ocean, namely along the…


Sea bass - Sea fish
( Ordinary ) seabass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax. Also common names sea wolf, Conan, sea bass (from the English. sea bass is the name that spread through the Russian restaurant business),…