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The most unusual inhabitants of the deep sea
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Surely You in his life met in a sea of jellyfish. They are small, and there are also very large, also they are all different colors, there are white, red,…

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Red sea

Red sea – an inland sea of the Indian ocean. located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. One of the most warm seas. Considered the most salty sea on earth.

The area of the red sea is 450 thousand sq. km. Has a very elongated shape – the length over 2 thousand km and a maximum width of 360 km.

It is noteworthy that in the Red sea is not no river flows. As is well known freshwater rivers are the main source of turbidity of the seas, bringing silt and sand. But the Red sea is crystal clear.

Divers all over the world like the Red sea for its clarity and rich fauna. Underwater visibility is about 40 meters which is a record of transparency for seas. Underwater hunters from all over the world, as well as just lovers “occupying” the Red sea. So it got the nickname ” Underwater resort “.

The sea temperature even in winter rarely drops below 20 degrees, and the average summer temperature is 26. That’s why diving does not stop during the entire year.

Besides animals and plants, widespread throughout the Indian ocean. in the Red sea there are species that live only here. This so-called endemics. So, about 30% of all servant sea are endemic, not found anywhere else in the world. This angelfish, clown fish, Napoleon fish and moviedrome. Also unique among animals and mollusks, corals, and various crustaceans.

In the Red sea quite a few animals dangerous to humans. Certainly not more than in other warm sea, but the love of tourists to the coasts of the red sea it is often leads to casualties. The danger to humans are sea urchins, which, reacting to an approaching object, stretch out their thorns in his side. Urchins live in the coastal areas, often rolling out into the shallows during high tide.

Known sea snake and the red sea. Their attacks on humans is rare and reported only in self-defense when a person accidentally trod on them. Basically the snake is not too long, up to 1 m making them even and inconspicuous, and therefore more dangerous.

It is interesting that in the Bible Moses escorted the Jewish people across the sea. However, there is a sea called ” red “, but historians identify it with Red.

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