The most popular types of aquarium fish
The aquarium comes to life and brings enjoyment and pleasure only when there are fish. Fish differ from each other in their varied coloration, behavior, character. Each fish knows his…

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MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata)
MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata), or marble torpedo is the best known representative of a numerous family glusovich. In length this fish rarely reaches 1.5 meters, the width grows more…

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Leafy sea dragon
At first glance it's hard to imagine that this is not a plant, but a real fish. An amazing feature of this animal is almost transparent tentacles, which are very…

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The denizens of the deep

“The denizens of the deep” is an encyclopedia for children 7-13 years. It will be a great helper in homework, useful when writing reports and essays on biology and will be curious to explore not only children but also adults.

Realistic photos and accurate drawings, and a poster-gift will make this book one of the most favorite in the house.

Deep-sea fish and marine life.

In the book invested a huge colorful poster that can be hung on the wall at home or in the classroom. Poster size unfolded: 57 cm x 62 cm

High quality publication design, and content. It is worth noting a structured presentation of information: all the facts and interesting details presented in a separate blocks, and each spread of the book tells about a particular night predator, the insect, even about Pets.

Life in the seas and oceans.

Here you will find answers to many questions and learn about these facts: how deep-sea angler lures his victim and what he ate, what and how squid-Firefly deters predators, and home to the biggest animals in the world!

Very interesting in this book photographs of deep-sea fish. They are incredible!

220×295, 80 pages,tight binding integral, thick paper.

The contents of the book.

The design of the book – dark, gloomy, mostly on a black background, it is clear that the depths of the sea – they are.

Beautiful illustrated encyclopedia (any in this series) not only help in learning basic biology, but also a fascinating read for everyone. Describes a variety of marine animals – from microscopic creatures that make up marine plankton to huge whales.

High quality photos will show what properties have amazing sea creatures such as bioluminescence, but extremely accurate drawings will help you learn about the anatomy of each marine life.

Fishing for predatory fish
Walleye is a fish that belongs to the family percidae. The weight of this large predator in good conditions can reach 20 pounds. And at length it can grow up…


Medication for the clarification of water in garden ponds.
Safe for fish and plants. Aquaclear 2 in 1 is a safe fast-acting liquid coagulant that gathers together all impurities, including dirt, bacteria, algae and other suspended matter causing the…