The denizens of the deep
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Marine catfish in Egyptian
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Fish of the red sea – photos with name and description

The underwater world of the red sea is full of fishes amazingly bright and extraordinary, of various size, shape and color. Someone who has never been in the Red sea watching the underwater inhabitants of the coral reef, it seems that he got into a huge natural aquarium. The first impression is a shock from the clarity of the water, a huge amount of scurrying around and a brisk colorful fish and diversity of forms, colors, and sizes of corals.

In the Red sea you can see dolphins, green turtle, dugong, manta rays and sharks. Moray reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view, but if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous. On the slopes of coral reefs or on rocky shallow waters of the hotel beach you will see funny encanta Picasso, and the CORIS clown or heileen meet you will lie on your side on the bottom.

Napoleon fish, whose head is a characteristic ledge, reminiscent of the headdress of the Emperor of France, allow you to touch yourself and have a little photo shoot. Around you will float huge number of fabulous pseudanthias, parrot fishes, characterized by relatively large size and shades of all colors of the rainbow, colorful angelfish and butterfly fish, lionfish and majestic, certainly, and other dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.

The photos on the website made by the author on the coral reefs of Hurghada (Shaab Abu Ramada and El Fanous), El Gouna (Shaab-Abu-Shaar), in the Gulf of Makadi Bay on a coral reef stretching along the Stella Beach hotel, Royal Azur and Club Azur. In Soma Bay on the reef, Tobia Arba, and in the aquarium El Gouna. Some photos courtesy of friends in the group of Red Sea fishes of the Panoramio website. To look at the diversity of the underwater world of the red sea and download free Wallpaper for desktop on the page Underwater scenery – aquascaping.

Antasy make up a significant part inhabiting coral reefs with brightly coloured fish, which can be seen on numerous photographs and scientific-popular films about the underwater world. It’s basically a small and very popular in marine aquarium fish. As pathogenicity they are hermaphrodites, ie, all fish are born as females, this species forms a complex social structure, based on the quantitative predominance of females over males, their position on the reef and the amount of zooplankton, which they mainly feed.

Coloring rubanovich very diverse and vibrant. Fish can be combined in color the variety of colors. In many species, color range varies throughout life, the juvenile differs from the adult. Also the color is different in females and males. Often females are less colorful and may have a completely different color than the males, which for a long time scientists considered fish of one species to a different.

Before mating the male puffer fish by the abdominal and anal fins, draws on the sand a circle with radial patterns inside amazing precision and mystical beauty. The pair then lays eggs in the center of the circle, then the male about a week remains to guard the clutch until the release of the fry.

To the family of Mullets is more than 10 genera and 100 species. This is very little distinguished in appearance, beautiful torpedo-like fish, which usually has a silver color. All mullet is a good swimmer. They are very agile and have the ability to jump out of the water when frightened. Some species make quite large movements, but the majority refers to the number of sedentary fish.

Typically, these fish lie motionless on the bottom among rocks, or between coral branches, to restrain the powerful rays of the pectoral fins, and waiting for prey. All of them are predators and feed on crustaceans and fish; often kept in places with strong currents and volnovoe.

Scales on body absent Kuzovkov, bare skin covered with mucus, which contains poison astrocytosis. In a state of excitement, stress or danger, the poison in large quantities is released in the water. In the open sea for others fish it is not a big danger, but when keeping these fish in aquariums, in a limited volume of water, this feature may lead to the death of both the fish and contained with her other fish.

Latrine — typical inhabitants of the coastal zone. Favourite sites for them are coral reefs, rocks, heaps of stones and thickets of underwater vegetation. Prefer rocky, sandy, shell, and primers, avoiding silted areas and desalinated.

Lucianone live in coastal tropical and subtropical seas of the Atlantic ocean and the Indo-Pacific, some species are found in brackish and even heavily freshened sites. At least one species has been successfully infused in fresh-water lakes of Australia.

Sea turtles
Sea turtles belong to the class of reptiles of the family turtles. This family comprises six species of sea and ocean turtles, five of which are found in the Red sea. For tens of millions of years since the Mesozoic era, morphology of sea turtles have remained virtually unchanged. From representatives of their terrestrial relatives of sea turtles have covered with Horny plates of fins, limbs, of which the front is much longer rear and pipefish
To this family belong the fish with a very elongated body in the form of a thick needle (pipefish) or with a totally unique body shape, resembling a chess figure of a horse, with the body tilted to her head and curled prehensile tail (seahorses).

Representatives of this species have a fairly high elongated and laterally compressed body. Many sparids are commercial species and are produced by local oceanic and fisheries. Young immature animals is often very different from adults in body shape and color, sometimes they are painted much brighter parents.

A distinctive feature of these fishes are highly placed eyes, often with supraorbital antennae, and filiform or massive branched growths on the head are more prominent in males. Sea dog meat is edible but not very tasty and the food is almost never used. These fish have one interesting feature – if you’re lucky enough to catch it on sea fishing, be prepared that when removing the hook or simply when taking it in hands, clenching jaw, “bite”, but not painful. Danger to humans is not.

Eat vegetable food, biting algae from rocks or dead coral, so they live at shallow depths. Stay in groups, often visit places with strong tide, where waves pick up torn pieces of plants. This species is edible and even pretty tasty meat, but not valued as a food fish because of small size.

Their vicious reputation Moray was not quite deserved. Despite his creepy appearance, they don’t attack first, only if the divers don’t show them attention, provoking, irritating, or trying to feed these predators with it.

This is a relatively small fish, reaching a length of 30 cm pink with purple tinge. The back is dark crimson, the belly is white, slightly yellowish. On the sides as a General pink background there are longitudinal rows of alternating yellow and blue dots, often coalescing into stripes.

Parrot fish
Parrot fish represent a great variety of colors, shades, structure and head size. Among the diversity of inhabitants of coral reefs, they are distinguished by large size and bright color, sometimes in order to see them don’t even have to dive.

Identification and classification of platkov has long been difficult due to considerable age and individual variability of these fish. If you look at pictures of different types of Piatakov on the website Fishbase that fact alone is baffling because it creates the impression that everything is either the same fish, or its classification is going this chaos that dismantling belonging to any kind impossible. Some time in the composition of Piatakov were a large number of species, but in the long process of observing and studying these fish, the researchers came to the conclusion that all species names refer to one single mind. With age, platkow there is a very strong variability. Young fish are colored yellow or orange with three distinct black stripes, very long dorsal and anal fins, giving the fish a Crescent shape. As they Mature, the fins are shorter, the black bars are blurred, the body gets plain dark or silver color.

It is considered a valuable commercial fish. In Japan usually delivered live to the markets of Tokyo. Its meat is especially tasty in the spring and summer, eaten raw, cooked in sauce or fried. The maximum value of 120 cm and a weight of 15 kg.

A large part Pomaranczowy lives in a certain territory and protects it selflessly. In protected areas the seaweed is always more lush than where “operating” surgeons and other algae eaters. Often at sea, you can see how a gaggle of three spotted fish dascyllus or Domino (Dascyllus trimaculatus) drives away predators.

Characteristic of this family is powerful, rearward spike which is on the underside of the Gill slits, and differs in color from the rest of the body. This spike is the most reliable distinguishing feature from detinatorii (butterfly fish), which looks very similar, but he is completely absent.

Their short body is able to puff up like a Blowfish. Teeth on jaws fused into Rostral plate without a transverse seam, so the upper and lower jaws is one tooth (diodon in Latin means “double-toothed”). Scales on the body is converted into spines, sometimes quite long, which at rest is pressed against the body, when you bloat the fish up vertically.

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