Marine catfish in Egyptian
Everything carefully to mix, put on top of the first cake, making in the center of the hill, because during baking the dough sits. A slice of bread soak in…

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The hammerhead shark
Among all the sea creatures that attack people the most terrible is the shark. Bloodthirsty, cunning and lightning — she was feared by people at all times. The most dangerous…

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Predatory fish Piranhas
Piranha — all species of freshwater fish of the family of tetras that live in the rivers and reservoirs of South America. The word “piranha” has its roots from the…

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Leafy sea dragon

At first glance it’s hard to imagine that this is not a plant, but a real fish. An amazing feature of this animal is almost transparent tentacles, which are very similar to algae. However, they do not help in movement, but serve only to cover up.


This fish (Halieutichthys intermedius) is very similar to deep fried pancake with huge bulging eyes.

The Yeti-crab

This copy was found quite recently – in 2005. Known about him only that they live at a depth of at least 2000 meters.

White turtle

About this turtle have notes even in Chinese mythology. According to the legend, the man, who had many sins, had turned to this white turtle.

Guinea the Blowfish

This fish dwells in the Pacific ocean. The main feature, as You’ve probably noticed, is that it is able to inflate like a balloon.

Head Of The Gorgon

But this monster lives in the White sea. From the outside it seems as if it is a plant rooted in the bottom surface, however, in fact these tentacles are extremely agile, which allows the animal to move veryquickly in all directions. When the animal begins to move, it resembles a snake crawling on the head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Japanese magnetography dog

Despite its appearance, the fish is absolutely harmless to humans and eats only animals, Stripping them from the surface of the stones. Divers tell that this fish gives even pet and feed themselves with their hands.

Striped surgeon

The main feature of this fish is that it has very sharp thorns that are on both ends of the fin. Razor-sharp spikes used for self-defense, of course.

Plerogyra puzarchaty

Although it is not a fish, but an instance is also quite interesting. This creates an unusual little coral colony on the bottom surface and the polyps form a round, translucent clusters, which are very similar to little balls.

The pond at the dacha with his hands, gardening, Babysitting.
The pond near her house or in her own yard, the cherished dream of any city dweller. Relax in the gazebo by the pond on a hot summer day -…


Sea catfish
Signs. Body elongated, laterally compressed, glabrous. The coloration of back, sides of body and all fins, except the ventral, zelenovato-grey, almost black. Dorsal fin very short, is located ahead of…