Sandwich amphiprion (this edition akallopisos)
Sandwich amphiprion is a small representative of the subfamily clown fish, opened in 1853 Bleeker scientist. Inhabits the coral reefs of the Western and Eastern Indian ocean, namely along the…

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North American catfish thronging fishes of the Kuban
North American catfish, introduced 30 years ago in Krasnodar region, thronging fish-natives, including our native European catfish. American channel catfish was brought in a fish farm of the Krasnodar territory…

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Black tuna (Thunnus atlanticus)
Black tuna is a small predatory fish in the scombridae family. Has the smallest size among all species of tuna: a maximum of 100 cm in length (average 50 cm)…

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The hammerhead shark

Among all the sea creatures that attack people the most terrible is the shark. Bloodthirsty, cunning and lightning — she was feared by people at all times. The most dangerous is the white shark, followed by the tiger shark. And the honorary third place went to the hammerhead.

Hammerhead shark is one of the largest sea creatures. Its average size is 4-5 feet, but can be found and those whose size exceeds 7 meters. Off the coast of New Zealand caught the biggest fish in the world-the hammer — length of 7 meters 89 centimeters and a weight of 363 pounds.

Hammerhead shark is the most common and one of the most ancient fish on the planet (the history of fish-hammer has about 25 million years).

It occurs in all warm seas, but comes sometimes and near the Northern shores of Europe. Largest hammerhead shark superior to many other shark species. Because only the number of embryos of sharks, the hammer comes to 30, sometimes even 40 pieces.

View sharks, the hammer is truly frightening. All who saw her, say it’s the most terrible fish of all seas and oceans. Flat head is divided into 2 lobes, at the end of each there are 2 small eyes. Head — nothing like a large flat nose, as along the front edge are grooves for trapping the smell — a kind of “nostrils”. In addition, there is a hypothesis that this head is the wheel.

The body is covered rabbati skin. The upper body is painted in a grayish-brown color and the bottom is in off white. Large, protected for centuries, eyes have a Golden yellow color. And its teeth long, sharp, serrated at the edges.

Allocate 3 main types of sharks. The first type includes a GIANT HAMMERHEAD SHARK(Sphyrna mokarran). It is widely distributed in tropical waters of Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans, but never reaches high numbers. Hammerhead shark found in the coastal strip as its size. You can see it in the open sea. Giant hammerhead shark is the largest shark. Its length is on average 6 m.

COMMON HAMMERHEAD SHARK (Sphyrna zygaena) is found in the Western Atlantic (from Canada to Brazil and Argentina), Eastern Atlantic, Indian ocean, Eastern Pacific ocean. It’s a little smaller than a giant hammerhead shark. Max grows up to 4 meters. But otherwise these species are very similar.

Finally, the third type, SCALLOPED HAMMERHEAD, common in the Western Atlantic, Eastern Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. This shark grows to 450 cm with a weight of 153 kg.

Shark hammerhead is a fierce predator and not only because of its considerable size. They are excellent swimmers, very agile. In addition, sharks are able to develop greater speed. The main food of these sharks are invertebrates (shrimp, crabs, clams), fish, and squid. A real delicacy for them is the rays and flounder. Maybe that’s why sharks prefer muddy seabed every other seat.

It happened that the hammerhead shark was eaten by larger sea creatures. Hammerhead shark often eats and their more remote relatives, the stingrays without fear of their poisonous thorns. Apparently, they developed immunity against secreted by thorns of poison. Incredibly, there were also sharks are cannibals. In one stomach were found the remains of 4 of her relatives.

To hunt hammerhead shark that has adapted just fine. Some fish, trying to escape from the fangs, poisons, and electric shock, buried in the sand and freeze there. But they have no chance, because while they are alive, their bodies generate electric fields that captures its unusual head hammerhead: shark catches, as it seems, right on the empty ground and pulls out of him beating the victim.

Hammerhead sharks specifically attack people. But still they are a danger to being in water. Many of the attacks occurred in front of numerous spectators, are documented. One day, in 1805, in the network on long island were just three shark-hammer. In the stomach of the largest of them found the man’s body.

For breeding their offspring it chooses popular with holidaymakers. At this time, the shark is particularly aggressive, and the number of attacks on humans increases dramatically. “Do not enter the water” — this phrase was repeated this summer, many beaches Hawaii, Hawaii, the coast of California and Florida.

If you are on the depth and suddenly discover not far off a shark, you better freeze, wait for help, or slowly swim in safe water. Yeah, the hammerhead shark is a ruthless predator, but there is a set expression: “the Probability of being eaten by a shark 30 times lower than being killed by lightning.” Show maximum care. Careful — that’s the main tool that helps to get rid from the attack of any predator.

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