Sandwich amphiprion (this edition akallopisos)
Sandwich amphiprion is a small representative of the subfamily clown fish, opened in 1853 Bleeker scientist. Inhabits the coral reefs of the Western and Eastern Indian ocean, namely along the…

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Sea catfish
Signs. Body elongated, laterally compressed, glabrous. The coloration of back, sides of body and all fins, except the ventral, zelenovato-grey, almost black. Dorsal fin very short, is located ahead of…

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The trotline for catfish "domovnik".
One of the most fascinating objects to catch is the catfish is a large fish that lives mainly in the deltas and priustevyh spaces of rivers in the basins of…

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Dietary baked fish with vegetables in foil

If you decided to arrange a fish day, try to treat yourself to this tasty and useful dish. It is suitable for fish diets. as calories in baked fish with vegetables is very small. The fish is lean, and it will stew in its own juice. In General, this is exactly what you need for weight loss.

For cooking we will need any large fresh fish or frozen mackerel, plus some of your favorite vegetables (to taste), spices and food foil. You can also add lemon, but I did without it, because the lemon just was not there.

Carefully remove the head and gut and wash the fish, cut it into large portions. The carcass can season with a little salt (if diet allows) and pepper to taste inside and out. I used spices for meat, you can take and fish.

Onions, carrots and any other vegetables and the lemon (if you decide to do with it) to cut circles.

Then everything is simple. In a frying pan or in a baking dish put the foil. Then begin the layers to put the pieces of fish and vegetables. One goldfish need about 4-5 circles of lemon. Vegetables you can take as much as you want.

If it’s a festive alternative, you can top spread low-fat mayonnaise for the fish to get softer and juicier.

All this yummy wrap in the envelope of foil, but not very tightly. If you cook a few cups on the table, wrap a piece otdelniy. Together with the fish to wrap up a few pieces of bell pepper or a few inflorescences of cauliflower – get a light vegetable side dish.

Make the foil into a small hole to allow steam to escape. Received packet send in preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes, if prepared without vegetables. If you make with a carrot, then you need to put bake fish with vegetables for at least an hour, and a half. Otherwise the carrot will remain raw and hard.

This fish is cooked in its own juice, without added fats. And fish oil, which is rich in mackerel or any other fish, will not neseet figure absolutely no harm. By the way, instead of foil, you can use the cooking bags.

All the finished fish it is better not to remove and allow to cool in foil, so it did not collapse.

It’s a sort of dietary fish stew with vegetables extremely soft, tasty and juicy. For garnish you can chop fresh cucumber or tomato. If you are concerned to conceive a child. this dish would also be most welcome! Easy fish dinner will keep you overeating and will supply the body with useful substances.

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