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FAQ for aquarium fish

In this article I will try to answer the most asked questions aquarists-beginners. So, here we go.

Question: what should be the minimum size of the aquarium?

Answer: 20-30 liters. This volume is enough for two pairs pairs of guppies, and 4 catfish.

Question: which fish is best to have a novice aquarist?

Answer: it is best to start with the same catfish or guppies. These two types can live together and not very demanding environmental conditions. Most importantly – don’t forget to feed the fish once a day and periodically changing the water in the aquarium.

Question: what is best to feed the fish?

Answer: on this question my answer is this – though they are fish, but nevertheless, also like variety. Therefore, alternate feed: one or two days feed dry food, then one day feed live food.

Q: what is aeration?

Answer: aeration is the enrichment of water with oxygen. Aeration is necessary because “refreshes” the water in which the live of your aquarium fish.

Question: what is a compressor?

Answer: this is a special device, which enables aeration of water in the tank.

Question: how to distinguish males from females?

Answer: it’s quite simple – as a rule the female is always larger than the male.

Question: what should be the temperature of the aquarium water?

Answer:the optimum temperature +20+25 degrees Celsius.

Question: how many days we need to stand the water for the aquarium?

Answer: 48 hours.

Question: does a big role in the hardness of water?

The answer is important, since if some species of fish can live in hard water, high water hardness will inevitably bring death. Tip: when you water, use a filter (common filter to filter water from under the faucet). Obtained through the filter the water would have averages, and defend it within 48 hours, the risk of death fish will come to naught.

Question: how should algae in the aquarium?

Answer: based on the displacement of the aquarium and breed fish, algae requires 3 to 10 bushes. For example, for a 20-liter aquarium, it will be enough 3-4 sprigs of seaweed.

Question: do I need a quarantine for the fish?

Answer: you need! If you buy new inhabitants for your aquarium, the new fish must pass a one-month quarantine. This is done to identify the symptoms of disease. If after 30 days your new fish has not shown symptoms of the disease, then go ahead and start them in a common aquarium.

Here, perhaps, and all. I understand that in one article it is impossible to answer all the questions, but I hope that some of your questions I answered. Good afternoon, dear friends and see you in the new articles!

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