Amazing marine life
The Dumbo Octopus. Is the name of this animal has received due whoodini formations protruding from the top of his head which resemble the ears of disney's Dumbo the elephant.…

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Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni)
Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) with a glance at her, or rather on her face that produces an even more sinister impression than the white or tiger sharks. However, the…

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Fish or fishes?
Fish enliven the garden pond and justify their presence in it that eat mosquito larvae and other insects. However, the presence of fish in the pond is desirable, but not…

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The largest catfish in the world

Catfish is the largest freshwater fish. Only the larger members of the family of sturgeons (such as Beluga – up to 1.5 tons), but they are strictly freshwater. Sturgeon are diadromous fish that can live in fresh water, and salt. Rumors, what is the weight of the largest catfish in the world, there are various. According to contemporaries, in the 18th and 19th centuries, when our rivers were much cleaner, and fishermen – less, these freshwater predators grew to an enormous size – up to 400-500 pounds and more. But now sometimes there are real river monsters.

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From the life of a river monster

Small catfish feed mainly on aquatic insects and their larvae. A little older, pass on clams and frogs. As adults, seasoned catfish can eat a big fish (even pikes), inadvertently short time perching to feed the ducks rarely attack a person. The last statement is not idle “horror story”: there are documented cases in the stomach of captured catfish were found the remains of previously missing children or women.

Large hungry catfish may drag on the bottom even strong grown man who inadvertently swim into the depths. And in the Khopersky reserve, local hunters saw the emergence of soms, having come up from the water, dragged at Odolena come to drink, like the African crocodile hunts thus land animals! Of course, to swallow the deer whole catfish, but he does not disdain carrion. Pulling the victim to a secluded place on the river bottom, he returns to it in a few days.

Within the CIS catfish live in large water bodies almost throughout the European part, except in the Northern areas. And in Asia in the basin of the Aral sea and lake Balkhash. Despite the almost complete drying up of the Aral sea, in the rivers feeding this sea – the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya – can be seen quite large specimens. And a giant catfish caught in the Volga river, you can marvel at this video:

In other countries catfish also inhabits the more southern latitudes, e.g. in South and South-East Asia.

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Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium
Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium: (1) Forage (2) NH 3 . (3) NO 2 . (4) NO 3 . (5) H 2 O. (6) Lighting, (7) Fertilizer (8) O 2…


FAQ for aquarium fish
In this article I will try to answer the most asked questions aquarists-beginners. So, here we go. Question: what should be the minimum size of the aquarium? Answer: 20-30 liters.…