Fishing in Norway
Capelin cod (spring cod) is April — June. Coastal cod all year round. Atlantic cod. Length: up to 150 cm with a weight up to 45 kg (usually 60-70 cm,…

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Top 10 most dangerous animals of Ukraine and Crimea
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Surely You in his life met in a sea of jellyfish. They are small, and there are also very large, also they are all different colors, there are white, red,…

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Fish farming at home — a serious business

Men love fishing, eagerly they’re waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial side, maybe you’ll make from a simple hobby is a good business. The whole point of business will be to farm fish at home.

In the world there are two types of fish — cold-water and warm-water. For our business best suited to warm-water fish, they have fewer problems.

If you already have a pond under pisciculture — well, if not — let us consider independent production of the pond. All you need is a responsibility that you could give the fish exactly the best environment for future habitat.

Before running water into the pond, you need this water to completely clean from chlorine. Also, you should make a drainage path that the water was constantly refreshed. An important point is the aeration of water, it is necessary to maintain the level of oxygen.

Recommend flatter your across the pond to pull the mesh that will prevent entry of debris, leaves from the trees, into the water.

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Don’t forget to monitor the amount of fish in the pond, plenty of fish has a negative impact on the stage of development.

The bottom of the pond should not forget to clean every 4-5 years. During cleanup you should completely empty the pond of water and fish.

And complete the if you are really going to breed fish at home, buy only healthy fry, just throw out of your head software vendors like markets or other strange shops.

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