The catching of predatory fish: perch
The most part of fishermen prefer to hunt for prey fish, as it is quite tricky and dangerous opponent. This fish is the walleye, which is similar to the perch.…

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Sea bass - Sea fish
( Ordinary ) seabass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax. Also common names sea wolf, Conan, sea bass (from the English. sea bass is the name that spread through the Russian restaurant business),…

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Fishing for predatory fish
Walleye is a fish that belongs to the family percidae. The weight of this large predator in good conditions can reach 20 pounds. And at length it can grow up…

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Predatory fish Piranhas

Piranha — all species of freshwater fish of the family of tetras that live in the rivers and reservoirs of South America. The word “piranha” has its roots from the language of the Tupi Indians, it comes from the words “Pira” (fish) and “the wounded” (saw). ( 11 photos )

1. Long piranha reaches 80 cm, and its weight can reach 1 kg. piranha is Generally a pretty big fish, olive-silvery with purple or red tint. On the edge of the caudal fin has a sharp black border.

2. Young piranha silvery color, sides with black spots, ventral and anal fins are reddish or yellowish. Piranhas have very powerful jaws and very sharp teeth, such a structure allows the piranhas to come out of the production of large pieces of meat. Of course we all know that piranha representative of the family of predatory fish.

3. Teeth piranhas Indians has been widely used as cutting tools. Teeth piranhas have the appearance of a triangle height of 4-5 mm and are arranged so that the teeth of the upper jaw are exactly in the grooves between the teeth of the lower jaw. Jaw function in two ways: by closing the jaws as the meat is cut razor sharp teeth, the displacement of the jaws closed in a horizontal direction of the fish can bite off more dense tissue — the tendons and even bones.

4. So grown piranha can easily bite a stick or even a human finger. Piranha is a real killing machine, she’s always hungry and absolutely fearless.

5. So the writer, a German scientist and zoologist wrote: “the Voracity of the piranhas, which is called the river hyenas, beyond all likelihood, they attack any animal that appears in their area, even fish larger than them 10 times in size.”

6. Piranhas live in small flocks. 20-50 individuals, hungry flocks from such predators are often drawn to flight even a crocodile. the latter have to roll over belly up, the skin on the back of a crocodile in this study.

7. Piranhas may emit different sounds. So, being removed from the water, they begin to “bark,” while fighting for food, they emit a low, like a kick drum sounds. In other cases, for example when one fish swims up too close to another, they can even croak.

8. In South America there are about 30 species of piranhas. Most of them feed on insects, shrimp, fish and dead fish. Only a few species, including red and black piranha (Serrasalmus nattereri and S. spilopleura), attacking warm-blooded animals.

9. Actually piranhas are not as dangerous to humans, cases of piranha attacks on humans are recorded less frequently than for example the sharks or freshwater stingrays.

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