Sea hare: fish from the Pacific ocean
Description fish-rabbit Sea hares are most common in the Western Pacific, the Mediterranean and the tropical waters of the Indian ocean. They have a medium size and oval body, flattened…

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Monkfish in the aquarium
Many public aquariums in the world, including in our country contain these unusual vivid exotic fish. The angler (Antennarius maculatus) or yellow angler, monkfish, or fish-the pedestrian is more like…

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Aquarium fish Labe
This kind of aquarium fish listed in the Red book IUCN - the world conservation Union. The Labe although aggressive, but very popular fish in the home aquarium. Large specimens…

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WHY sharks rarely get sick?

Powerful, swift, and deadly rulers of the seas – sharks – can cause conflicting emotions, people.

Primal fear, and sometimes disgust in an incredible way combined with admiration and a desire to learn, understand and… to get acquainted with the graceful and unpredictable of predators.

How ironic that a death threat stirs our interest and stirs the imagination, forcing to closely monitor the movements of sharks, at each moment trying to predict her behavior. Apparently, this “unhealthy” interest was inherited from distant ancestors, whose lives depended on careful observation of a dangerous predator, from studying his habits and habits.

But not only ancient instincts prompt the person to study this wonderful work of nature. The shark is a unique example of sustainability.

In addition, the history of sharks goes back many millions of years, the modern representatives of this species are striking in their invulnerability regarding various diseases, insensitivity to pain and ability to survive even after serious injury.

Modern scientists suggest that the viability of sharks – the result of an effective immune system. Most sharks live to extreme old age: 70, and 100 years. Their body is extremely resistant to various infections and the development of tumors. For example: of the 25,000 studied sharks the cancer is found in only one. And their ability to quickly heal even the most terrible wounds are legendary.

People are primarily interested in the resistance to cancer. Primitive but very effective the immune system of sharks produces antibodies that can recognize and destroy cancer cells. It is very important that these antibodies are able to survive and operate even in high temperatures, acidic or alkaline environment. This gives hope that they will be able to adapt and in the human intestine.

Already conducted successful experiments on the treatment of cancer through the introduction of shark antibodies. Similarly, the doctors plan to deal with a number of other diseases, including malaria and arthritis.

Rolls of sea fish stuffed with mussels
We offer to your attention this very simple recipe mini rolls with sea fish stuffed with mussels. The fresh fish is very popular in the southern sea resorts and fish…


Why the cuttlefish ink?
It is well known that the ability of cephalopods — cuttlefish, octopuses, squids — "to throw dust in the eyes". In a moment of danger, these animals throw themselves out…