WHY sharks rarely get sick?
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Fish of the Black sea
The fish fauna of the Black sea is peculiar. The class of fishes that includes about 20 000 species, is divided into two sharply distinct branches — the cartilaginous and…

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The trotline for catfish “domovnik”.

One of the most fascinating objects to catch is the catfish is a large fish that lives mainly in the deltas and priustevyh spaces of rivers in the basins of the Aral, Caspian, Baltic, Black, Azov seas. This greedy predator, especially after spawning, the species inhabits the deep pools of water thrown at different snags, sunken trees, boulders and any other underwater stuff.

According to the authors of fishing books catfish can reach five metres long and a couple of quintals of weight. Some believe that in our time to grow degyansky sizes have som chance no, too often people began to hunt these whiskered predators. But from time to time in press reports of having kgs weight 80, even 100 pounds caught in southern rivers. The closer to the North, the modest size of the som (the largest caught in the last twenty years in the Leningrad region, weighed forty pounds).

Som lives in the chosen hole, just for a little while and leaving her only during floods and strong turbidity, as well as in search of food.

The most successful fishing for catfish on a trotline at the end of their spawning by the end of may. Experts say that the best catfish feeding period is during the new moon and on the diminution of the moon, dark nights. Stormy and rainy night pleased with prey.

The most successful and widely known way of recreational fishing is fishing with a Seine . In the lower Volga used a trotline for catfish . called “domovnik” .

Sanovnik has a length of approximately 75 meters and was made from thin rope in 3 to 4 millimeters. Every one and a half meters tie lines half a meter in length with baited hooks. Domovnik put on chipchick or anchor on the bottom. Sometimes the end of the set ashore.

Hooks for comunica use homemade (if no suitable material, is bent and must be forged hooks from nails 200 mm long, then tempered).

Alternatively put leashes longer, up to two meters (in snag places up to five feet), the AC cable in isolation or simply braided nylon.

The pond at the dacha with his hands, gardening, Babysitting.
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The red sea and the Mediterranean
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