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Nitrogen metabolism in the aquarium
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MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata)

MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata), or marble torpedo is the best known representative of a numerous family glusovich. In length this fish rarely reaches 1.5 meters, the width grows more than one meter, weighs 25-30 pounds. About the same weigh in the largest fish of the pike, and here you can watch online catch pike. The upper part of the disc-shaped body of this type of rays has a uniform brown or brownish-white color, which allows them to camouflage themselves on the ocean floor.

Electric ray torpedo

Marble is the most common Stingray in the shallow waters East Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea. In his daily life he constantly uses the electric current produced in the organs located between the head and pectoral fins.

It’s kind of a battery consisting of a plurality of individual hexagonal columns filled with jellylike substance.

Marbled electric ray

The bars are arranged perpendicular to the plane of the body of the Stingray torpedo, and the tops and bases come in contact with the skin of the back and belly respectively, forming a “plus” and “minus” of the battery. After “discharge” requires some time to accumulate charge again.

Electric ray torpedo in the shallows

Swim marbled electric ray does not like, preferring most of the time in shallow water near the bed or after he buried in sand and silt, leaving only the surface of the eye. When it swims past something edible (torpedo feeds on invertebrates and fish and eels), marbled Stingray tries to envelop the victim of their fins and hit it current. If the victim is small, it dies immediately, but if large – you lose orientation and is immobilized. In any case, to exert the electric resistance of the slope it cannot and becomes easy prey.

The marble ray, torpedo buries itself in the sand

In case of an attack of predators, often sharks, squids, torpedo uses electricity for defense. Great harm to to put them, he can not, but the discomfort discourage to chase a fish.

Torpedo marmorata

In the breeding season pairs mate, pressing his belly to each other. Electric ray isn’t throwing eggs. After fertilization of the female by the male, she is carrying the eggs in two oviducts, arranged parallel to each other on the lower abdomen. The cubs range from 8 to 14 pieces are born very small (fingernail size), but fully formed.

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