Leafy sea dragon
At first glance it's hard to imagine that this is not a plant, but a real fish. An amazing feature of this animal is almost transparent tentacles, which are very…

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Dietary baked fish with vegetables in foil
If you decided to arrange a fish day, try to treat yourself to this tasty and useful dish. It is suitable for fish diets. as calories in baked fish with…

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The red sea and the Mediterranean
Egypt is washed by two seas: to the North by the Mediterranean sea, on the East by the Red sea. In Egypt the sea warm and clean, so their shores…

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The denizens of the deep. Octopus

Since ancient times the world goes a lot of scary stories about a giant octopus, or octopus, which is not only dangerous to humans, but can even sink the whole ship! Actually is a charming, intelligent animals with developed intelligence and exceptional parental instinct. It owes its name to numerous

tentacles. In some species there are more than ten. Octopus or octopus (Octopus vulgaris) belongs to the class Cephalopoda and is a highly developed mollusk. Has oblong-rounded body without fins. Eight tentacles of an octopus is very flexible and agile, function as “hands”. “Hands” are connected by a thin membrane and provided with suction cups in two rows. The body length of the octopus with the “hands” from a few cm

up to 6 m. the largest specimens of octopus found off the coast of British Columbia. In the West of Canada was discovered octopus weighing 272 kg, and the length of the arms was 9.6 m! Continue reading

The hammerhead shark

Among all the sea creatures that attack people the most terrible is the shark. Bloodthirsty, cunning and lightning — she was feared by people at all times. The most dangerous is the white shark, followed by the tiger shark. And the honorary third place went to the hammerhead.

Hammerhead shark is one of the largest sea creatures. Its average size is 4-5 feet, but can be found and those whose size exceeds 7 meters. Off the coast of New Zealand caught the biggest fish in the world-the hammer — length of 7 meters 89 centimeters and a weight of 363 pounds.

Hammerhead shark is the most common and one of the most ancient fish on the planet (the history of fish-hammer has about 25 million years).

It occurs in all warm seas, but comes sometimes and near the Northern shores of Europe. Largest hammerhead shark superior to many other shark species. Because only the number of embryos of sharks, the hammer comes to 30, sometimes even 40 pieces. Continue reading

The most popular types of aquarium fish

The aquarium comes to life and brings enjoyment and pleasure only when there are fish. Fish differ from each other in their varied coloration, behavior, character. Each fish knows his place in the aquarium.

Types of aquarium fish there are countless. Sometimes you do not know which fish to choose for your aquarium. There are several types of aquarium fish that are the most popular.

Such species include: Dwarf gourami or dwarf gourami, Apistogramma Ramirez, Guppy, Dwarf catfish, Red neon, Tiger barb. Now look at these aquarium fish.

Dwarf gourami or dwarf gourami belongs to the group of labyrinth. These fish prefer the company of small peaceful fish. These fish feel comfortable in lighted and heavily populated with plants aquarium with a dark ground.

Apistogramma Ramirez belong to the family of cichlid. These fish are very popular because of its variegated coloring and for its interesting social and spawning behaviour. Continue reading

Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni)
Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) with a glance at her, or rather on her face that produces an even more sinister impression than the white or tiger sharks. However, the…


The denizens of the deep. Octopus
Since ancient times the world goes a lot of scary stories about a giant octopus, or octopus, which is not only dangerous to humans, but can even sink the whole…