Sea bass - Sea fish
( Ordinary ) seabass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax. Also common names sea wolf, Conan, sea bass (from the English. sea bass is the name that spread through the Russian restaurant business),…

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Fish farming at home — a serious business
Men love fishing, eagerly they're waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial…

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MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata)
MARBLED ELECTRIC ray (Torpedo marmorata), or marble torpedo is the best known representative of a numerous family glusovich. In length this fish rarely reaches 1.5 meters, the width grows more…

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FAQ for aquarium fish

In this article I will try to answer the most asked questions aquarists-beginners. So, here we go.

Question: what should be the minimum size of the aquarium?

Answer: 20-30 liters. This volume is enough for two pairs pairs of guppies, and 4 catfish.

Question: which fish is best to have a novice aquarist?

Answer: it is best to start with the same catfish or guppies. These two types can live together and not very demanding environmental conditions. Most importantly – don’t forget to feed the fish once a day and periodically changing the water in the aquarium.

Question: what is best to feed the fish?

Answer: on this question my answer is this – though they are fish, but nevertheless, also like variety. Therefore, alternate feed: one or two days feed dry food, then one day feed live food. Continue reading

The red sea and the Mediterranean

Egypt is washed by two seas: to the North by the Mediterranean sea, on the East by the Red sea. In Egypt the sea warm and clean, so their shores are many popular resorts.

Exotic Egypt – Red sea, located between Africa and Asia. In the South it flows into the Indian ocean and on the North it forms the Sinai Peninsula. From the North the Red sea surrounded by endless desert plains, to the South is limited by high mountains.

This is a unique Egypt, the sea which is very beautiful. Warm, extremely clear water, amazing underwater world, pink Sands of the surrounding plains, – these magical landscapes create the feeling of unreality of the outside world. Underwater Red sea Egypt is a place of pilgrimage for divers at any time of the year is favorable for studies. The water temperature in the Red sea never drops below +20 º C, and in its waters, among the coral gardens, you can find a great variety of tropical fish. Coral reefs creating a fanciful shape, similar to the garden of Eden and the fairy Kingdom, can securely hide from prying eyes the secrets of their magic. Continue reading

Popular marine fish

The Internet portal “Trophy” was created as a source of the most relevant and useful information for those who consider fishing a passion of his life. We strive to unite fishermen, athletes and fans who live throughout our country and far beyond its borders. Our goal is to equip fishermen with all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that the trip not only interesting but also useful.

In the “Fishing” presents material that will interest both beginners and more experienced anglers:

popular articles and information from the encyclopedia about all the individual fish of the world and the region: habitat and seasonal preferences and behaviour;

the subtleties of fishing for specific fish, traditional and original ways of fishing tips fishermen;

how depends on the behavior of fish from the time of year, weather and the lunar cycle can be found in our weekly fishing calendar; Continue reading

Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni)
Australian bull shark (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) with a glance at her, or rather on her face that produces an even more sinister impression than the white or tiger sharks. However, the…


Aquarium fish - selecting the aquarium
A small corner of nature in the house is everyone's dream. Thinking about purchasing an animal in a city apartment, almost everyone comes to the conclusion that the aquarium is…