Sea bass - Sea fish
( Ordinary ) seabass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax. Also common names sea wolf, Conan, sea bass (from the English. sea bass is the name that spread through the Russian restaurant business),…

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The largest catfish in the world
Catfish is the largest freshwater fish. Only the larger members of the family of sturgeons (such as Beluga – up to 1.5 tons), but they are strictly freshwater. Sturgeon are…

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Aquarium fish - selecting the aquarium
A small corner of nature in the house is everyone's dream. Thinking about purchasing an animal in a city apartment, almost everyone comes to the conclusion that the aquarium is…

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Monkfish in the aquarium

Many public aquariums in the world, including in our country contain these unusual vivid exotic fish. The angler (Antennarius maculatus) or yellow angler, monkfish, or fish-the pedestrian is more like a piece of coral than a fish. And it is not cheap — from 100 to 180$ depending on size, although they are available and for keeping privately, subject to appropriate specialized conditions.

Although the sea devils and appreciated for its unique appearance and stamina, but these fish are not easy to maintain for a number of reasons, therefore not recommended for beginner aquarists. Try to begin to engage in breeding angelfish, and among them there are so many interesting varieties. But in captivity monkfish often refuses to eat or on the contrary become very fat because of her insatiable appetite when it perecherkivaet. Monkfish in the aquarium usually contain alone, since it is able to eat all of even twice its size, including their kin, and even a potential partner. Continue reading

The pond at the dacha with his hands, gardening, Babysitting.

The pond near her house or in her own yard, the cherished dream of any city dweller. Relax in the gazebo by the pond on a hot summer day – what could be better? But not enough to dig a pit, isolate it and let in water. The pond at the dacha is not just a container of water, it is the whole world, which, admiring, relax the soul and gain strength. Landscaping of the pond is not only a decor element, but also the creation of special biological balance, where plants and fish will feel comfortable. The plants in the pond to saturate water with oxygen and help the fish to survive the winter. Fountains and waterfalls will give your pond a more natural look, and the lighting at night make it amazing, mysterious and incredibly beautiful.

Landscaping of the pond

Fountains and waterfalls will give your pond a more natural look, and the lighting at night make it amazing, mysterious and incredibly beautiful. Landscaping of the pond Continue reading

Fish of the red sea – photos with name and description

The underwater world of the red sea is full of fishes amazingly bright and extraordinary, of various size, shape and color. Someone who has never been in the Red sea watching the underwater inhabitants of the coral reef, it seems that he got into a huge natural aquarium. The first impression is a shock from the clarity of the water, a huge amount of scurrying around and a brisk colorful fish and diversity of forms, colors, and sizes of corals.

In the Red sea you can see dolphins, green turtle, dugong, manta rays and sharks. Moray reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view, but if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous. On the slopes of coral reefs or on rocky shallow waters of the hotel beach you will see funny encanta Picasso, and the CORIS clown or heileen meet you will lie on your side on the bottom.

Napoleon fish, whose head is a characteristic ledge, reminiscent of the headdress of the Emperor of France, allow you to touch yourself and have a little photo shoot. Around you will float huge number of fabulous pseudanthias, parrot fishes, characterized by relatively large size and shades of all colors of the rainbow, colorful angelfish and butterfly fish, lionfish and majestic, certainly, and other dangerous inhabitants of the red sea. Continue reading

Fish farming at home — a serious business
Men love fishing, eagerly they're waiting for the moment when finally come to the pond will begin to relax and to fish. If you approach this holiday with the commercial…


The hammerhead shark
Among all the sea creatures that attack people the most terrible is the shark. Bloodthirsty, cunning and lightning — she was feared by people at all times. The most dangerous…